Monday, February 23, 2009

Making Progress

As most of you know, Ben has been diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. Basically, this means that his mind is moving very fast, and he has trouble helping his mouth catch up! We deal every day with his frustration, since communication can be very difficult for him. But he is a trooper, and with therapy he is making great strides. A huge leap happened on Sunday. Nate was helping Ben get dressed for church, and Ben said "I put on shoe." For Ben, this was amazing! In a similar situation, he would usually babble incoherently and then say "shoe" at the end. Nate was floored, and very proud of his little guy! We work with him every day, and we get so excited when he makes such wonderful progress.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Draper Temple Open House

Yesterday, Sylvia and I went with some of the sisters in the Relief Society to the Draper temple open house. When we went, the weather did not look like this, and none of my actual pictures turned out. (Actually, they're embarrassing...) So please gaze upon this lovely picture instead. Sylvia's favorite part of the temple was the "diamonds," or the crystal chandeliers in many of the rooms. My favorite part of the temple was the Brides' Room. Gorgeous! The temple was absolutely beautiful, and surprise surprise--Sylvia behaved herself the entire time! She is so easy, and we had great time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Being Silly

Ben and Sylvia decided to hop in an empty box and play for a bit. They're so cute, I just had to grab the camera. They're seriously hilarious!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The BYU Earth Science Museum

A week or so ago we took the kids to the BYU Earth Science Museum. Since we all have toddlers, we decided that the Earth Science Museum would be a good choice to visit. It is much smaller and less busy than the Bean Life Science Museum. The kiddos got to get up close and personal with dinosaur skeletons, a 150 million year old dinosaur egg, and other very cool fossilized pieces of Jurassic awesomeness. It was really neat that the kids could get hands on with many of the exhibits, and there is a lab on-site for the kids to check out. We had a very fun time!