Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Social Event of The Season (Sorry Margaret!)

Oh my goodness, Sylvia is 3 years old! It feels like just yesterday that she was put in my arms at the hospital (corny I know, but if you're a mom you know exactly how I feel!) The family had a great time this last week celebrating Sylvia's special day. Grandpa Ben sent Sylvia a giftcard to Build-a-Bear, and that was so much fun! Then, Mom and Dad gave Sylvia a princess scooter. It's pretty awesome! We then had a birthday party on Saturday, with a butterfly theme. It was fun to have a little family get together, and the highlight was a butterfly cake made by Nate's Aunt Tracy. It was beautiful! Thanks to everyone who gave Sylvia gifts-they are all greatly appreciated.

American Idol

It was over a month ago, but I wanted to post something that marked my bravery. Margaret and I auditioned for American Idol! Now, neither one of us got past the first round of auditions, and we're ok with that. The experience was crazy for sure, but we both would've regretted not going. The whole process was pretty ridiculous-there are 10 audition booths, with American Idol producers at each booth. Hopefuls are brought up to the audition booth, 4 at a time, and each person gets about 10 seconds to sing their heart out. As we watched, we noticed the ones who made it to the next round of auditions were those who had a gimmick (for example, a girl who sang and danced around with a ventriloquist dummy made it through to round 2). Margaret and I both sang our best, but we hadn't brought our ventriloquist dummies, so we were shafted! All in all, we actually had a really fun time.

The best was getting to see Ryan Seacrest in person. He is very short, so for the filming, American Idol producers had to place him next to people that were even smaller than him! (Basically 16 year old girls). Very amusing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Fair

We took the kids to the Utah County Fair on Friday night. It was kinda lame, actually; there wasn't much to see or do. And I almost cried when I couldn't find a funnel cake anywhere! Uugghh. But, we did take the kids on some rides, and they had a wonderful time. The kids are so entertaining-Sylvia was kind of freaked out by the pigs in the livestock pens, and we had to tear Ben away from the tractors. We had a great time!

Project With Dad

Sylvia and Nate worked together last weekend to create this awesome birdhouse. Sylvia was so excited to help Dad with a project, even though "helping" generally meant staying at a safe distance while Dad used the nail gun! We took her to the craft store that same day to pick out colors for her new birdhouse, and what did she choose? Why, light pink and hot pink, of course!