Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7 Months Old!

Henry having a great time at the Freedom Festival Parade

King Henry is 7 months old!  (And has been for over 2 weeks, so we're a little late on this post...)

  • Henry is decidedly mobile.  He crawls everywhere, but prefers to pull himself up on furniture and cruise all over the place.
  • STILL doesn't really like baby food.  I got him to eat a jar of apple blueberry baby food yesterday, so I think we're making progress.  The kid loves people food, though!  The other day he ate about half of my Lean Cuisine, which I thought was pretty funny.
  • Puts everything in his mouth.  Everything.
  • Is a very happy little guy.  He is probably my most pleasant baby.  He just doesn't fuss much.
  • Henry still isn't a great sleeper, though.  Which means I am walking around in a fog.  But who's complaining?

The Beach!

After Disneyland, we made a quick stop at Huntington Beach to enjoy the waves, the breeze and the sunshine.  After the (exciting and fun) pace of Disney, it was nice to take just a few hours to sit and rest our tired tootsies.  Sylvia has asked over and over if we would please take her to the beach so she could collect sea shells, so when we got to the beach, that is exactly what she did.  For hours.  It was relaxing and enjoyable, except I forgot to put sunscreen on my pasty legs.  Bad idea.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Warning:  Picture Overload...

Disneyland with the Lee family was crazy fun!  We stayed in a hotel just a block or two from the parks, so we were able to walk each day.  The parks weren't really all that crowded, so the lines weren't too long for the rides!  We ate together, laughed together, got a little motion sick together, and above all, had a really great time.  We are definitely tired now, though!  Disney is not a vacation for the faint of heart.  But we hustled, and had SO much fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 4th Fun

The 4th of July is probably one of my most favorite holidays of the year.  I LOVE going to the parade in Provo, eating like crazy with my family at our reunion, and lighting fireworks in the evening.  Some years, we even go to the Stadium of Fire.  This year, since we traveled to Disneyland the next day, we skipped Stadium of Fire, but we still did some fireworks in the driveway before we packed up the car for our trip.  Margaret and I had a great time tie-dying shirts for the kids to wear that day.  Of course, I left Collin's shirt at my house (because I'm a dork), but we went back and got it so he could wear it with my kids at the family reunion.  It was crazy hot, but the day was still a lot of fun.


I took the kids, ever so early in the morning, to see the balloons launch over at Fox Field on July 3rd.  We were actually supposed to meet Stephanie and Margaret there, but I have lost my cell phone, and so there was no way to find them in the crowd.  We enjoyed ourselves, nonetheless.  Well, except Ben.  I don't think he's really a morning person :)

Canyon Cookout

Oh, hey there, guys!  Just takin' a picture... 

Auntie Stephanie with Captain America

Mommy loves her little superhero

Wonder Woman enjoying her hot dog! 

Happy Baby!  He likes hanging out up the canyon.

S'more face!

It's always fun to celebrate Papa Tom's birthday with a family cookout up American Fork Canyon :)