Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Love Snow

These are the pictures from our first play in the snow, about a week ago. The snow was absolutely beautiful-powdery and sparkly. The kids begged us to put on their snow gear (which took forever) so they could roll around outside in the snow for what seemed like five or six minutes. Isn't that always the way? Ben and Sylvia had lots of fun building up a snow hill with Nate, and then he would toss them into it. Loads of fun!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Fun Weekend

Two hot mamas

Aren't Cami and Amy cute?

This hat is freaking awesome.

December is so much fun! On Friday, I rounded up my go-to choir and we went to the Messiah Sing-In at the Alpine Tabernacle in American Fork. Aunt Betsy and uncle Ellis, cousins Cami and Amy, cousin Lora and great uncle Bob, and aunt Barby and uncle David and cousin Grace. We were quite a crew! Afterwards we went to Los Hermanos for some fried ice cream and mexican hot chocolate.
Today, Sylvia and I headed over to the Beehive Bazaar in Provo to look at all the handmade crafts for sale. I love going to the Bazaar for crafty inspiration, and this trip I was looking for unique Christmas gift ideas. Sylvia saw the hat in the picture above and flipped out. She NEEDED to buy this hat, so we compromised and I took a picture of her in it. Aren't I a nice mommy?
The busy weekend will continue as I continue preparing my Relief Society lesson for tomorrow. Seriously, pray for me.