Friday, June 21, 2013

Henry Is A Handful

We really like this kid, but he makes watching the ball game a little hard.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Softball Sylvia

Sylvia is adorable on the softball field.  We love watching her play.  Her swing is improving with each game, and she is a fast little runner.  I asked her to look at me so I could take a picture of her on the field, and she jumped up and down, and did a shimmy!  Her personality shines through, no matter what activity she is engaged in.

Classic Skating Fun

My sweet friend Sara invited us to Classic Skating to have some air conditioned summer fun last week.  We ate pizza, played in bouncy houses, and skated (or scooted) to our hearts content.  Sara and I let the kids play for hours! It is rare to find a place that keeps this many kids entertained for such a long stretch.  We'll have to go to Classic Skating again sometime, before the summer is over.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Aunt Janie's Funeral

Nathan and me at Janie's grave site. 

An awesome "Y" for the lady who dedicated her life to BYU. 

The pallbearers carrying Janie's casket. 

Janie's beautiful pink casket. 

Great Uncle Sam dedicated Janie's grave. 

Henry really enjoyed the luncheon after the service.

Aunt Janie's funeral service was lovely.  We attended her viewing on Friday evening, which was nice because it wasn't packed with family, and I got a chance to see her without a lot of interruptions.  BYU brought down her portrait for the viewing, and it was neat to see so many beautiful displays of pictures of Janie's adventures from her life.  Saturday morning, we attended the funeral service, which was packed with family, friends, and Janie's former BYU students.  The speakers were wonderful, the music was spiritual, and there was just a nice feeling of love that permeated the room.  The family attended the grave site service, where Uncle Sam dedicated Janie's grave.  We sang hymns, and it felt like a wonderful celebration.  After that, we went to a family luncheon, where we ate, talked, laughed and had lots of fun with cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was long, lovely day dedicated to the memory of dear, sweet Aunt Janie.

Art City Days Fun

The carnival is always fun!

I love Ben's "Blue Steel" face in this picture.

In the stands watching Sylvia in the Springville High Mini Cheer Spectacular

 Getting ready to ride in the Childrens' Parade.

Snow cones are a great reward for being good parade participants.


 And as always, the Childrens' Art Festival was a hit with Sylvia, and a miss with Ben.  Hey, at least he got a balloon sword out of it!

Besides the 4th of July, Art City Days in Springville is probably my most favorite time of year.  There are so many fun things to do, and we pretty much do most of them!  We had to miss the Grand Parade this year, so that we could attend the much more important funeral of sweet Aunt Janie, but we made up for it by going down to the high school baseball fields to watch the fireworks on Saturday night.  All in all, Art City Days was a ton of fun this year!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summertime So Far

We are only 6 days into June, but Summer vacation is in full swing.  We have T-Ball and Coach Pitch.  We have Art City Days (the best week of the year, if you ask me).  We just finished Cheer camp, and we have a wedding coming up at the end of the month.  Also, we have more home projects to finish than can be named here. So far, Summer has been busy, and fun.

The kids are rarely indoors, and I love that.  They are playing with friends, and as you can see from the photo above, they are soaking up every ounce of the sun.  Ben and Sylvia are much more tan than they ever have been.  Their noses are sun kissed, and their feet are filthy.  It makes me laugh.  

Poor Henry isn't big enough to really play outside with the big kids yet.  It is so cute to watch him toddle to the bathroom, pick up the bathroom stool and take it to the living room window, where he can watch the kids playing on the street.  I feel bad that he's been reduced to the role of spectator, but Mom has things to do, and I can't play outside ALL day (although I'd like to).

Ben and T-Ball

 Ben loves T-Ball.  Can you tell?

He has no trouble hitting off the T, that's for sure. 

This boy loves to run the bases. 

The cutest little batting lineup you ever did see.

Henry Is 18 Months Old

My baby is gone. The Hankster is such a toddler.

Oh boy--this cutie pie is officially 18 months old!  Firstly, he's basically the cutest thing I've ever seen.  But I know that I'm biased.  He is a little sweetheart, and we can't imagine what our family would be like without him.  And thank heavens, he's old enough to go to nursery at church!  Nate and I were about at our wits end, chasing Henry up and down the halls during Sunday school.

At 18 Months:
  • Henry doesn't miss nursing at all.  He is a big boy now, and can't be bothered with such infantile pursuits.
  • He is getting very adventurous.  Big kid playgrounds are Henry's favorite place to hang out.  He thinks he is just as big as Ben and Sylvia.
  • He is an unbelievable climber.  His new favorite climbing exercise is up the bunk bed onto the top bunk.  This makes me very nervous.  He is very physically coordinated as well, so he runs and jumps as well as kids who are much older than him.  It's kind of fun to watch.
  • Still no talking, well not really.  Henry still identifies most things as "dada", but there are a few other distinct sounds in the mix.  What's interesting is I have heard him say specific words, but only once.  About a week ago, he watched some ducklings cross the road, and said "ducky!" quite emphatically.  But of course, he hasn't said it since. :(  Henry has found numerous other ways to communicate with us, though, so we usually know what he wants or needs.
  • Henry has figured out how to nap, thank goodness, but we are still working on sleeping through the night.  I wish we could get through a whole night without Henry waking up and screaming his head off for a drink of water, or a snuggle.