Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cute Kiddos

My babies.

I took this picture on Valentine's Day.  I absolutely love it!  I think these kids are the coolest.

Friday, February 8, 2013

February Fun

I am exhausted.  January was depressing, cold and just plain awful.  February is a little lighter and brighter, but worrying about moving is stressing me out.  A LOT.  I know everything will work out, and that worrying helps no one, but I'm pretty sure that worrying and stressing out is what I do best.  My kids are actually not a source of stress at all.  Overall, they are delightful little humans, and I enjoy spending time with them.  What is stressful is:

Meeting with contractors
Being on a strict time table, and then having the time table turned on its head because you're at the mercy of said contractors.
Cleaning up after contractors (and then returning home to clean up after your children)  And then another contractor comes and makes a new mess, and it looks like you've done nothing.  Frustrating.
Packing for a 5 block move.  It feels pointless.  Let's just throw everything in the back of a truck, mmkay?
Trying to get along with people when I am tired and stressed.  I have said many things out of frustration that would never have come out of my mouth under more pleasant circumstances.

I just need to get through this month.  Then I will be able to be a pleasant person once again.  And so far, February has had some high points-namely watching Henry dance with Beyonce during the Super Bowl halftime show, Sylvia writing me a note that told me I am the best mom ever, and Ben just being his crazy, funny self.  

I really like my children.  Contractors?  Not so much.