Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Social Event of The Season (Sorry Margaret!)

Oh my goodness, Sylvia is 3 years old! It feels like just yesterday that she was put in my arms at the hospital (corny I know, but if you're a mom you know exactly how I feel!) The family had a great time this last week celebrating Sylvia's special day. Grandpa Ben sent Sylvia a giftcard to Build-a-Bear, and that was so much fun! Then, Mom and Dad gave Sylvia a princess scooter. It's pretty awesome! We then had a birthday party on Saturday, with a butterfly theme. It was fun to have a little family get together, and the highlight was a butterfly cake made by Nate's Aunt Tracy. It was beautiful! Thanks to everyone who gave Sylvia gifts-they are all greatly appreciated.


Nikki said...

your daughter looks JUST like you!!! WOW!!!

Nancy said...

I absolutely LOVE the last picture of Sylvia. Very beautiful!!