Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Wedding Day

Sylvia at the Salt Lake Temple

With Grandma & Grandpa Great

Sylvie and Melissa posin' for the camera
(And Sylvia's doll in a matching dress. So cute!)

Amy and Melissa
(Notice Crazy Uncle Rick behind them? It's the only reason I'm including this pic!)

Ben to Mom: "Please Take Me Home!"
Yesterday, we went to Nate's cousin Amanda's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. The ceremony was beautiful, and the sealer was very funny (a plus in my book). We all had a very nice time, except for the cold winds waiting for the bride and groom outside the temple! Later we went to the reception in Layton, and had lots of yummy cheesecake and other treats. Sylvia spent most of the evening staring at Amanda and her "beautiful dress." Amanda looked so pretty! And besides Ben, I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

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