Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Blahs

Winter is pretty in Utah, but I still have the January blues. I am literally counting down the days until this month is over with. This month has been full of grumpy husbands, work, sickness and wishing for more. More happiness, more wellness and of course, more money. I'm pretty sure that last one won't make me happier, but whatever. Another mother at dance said, "yeah, and February is just as bad as January." Now, I beg to differ! February brings me a guaranteed date night, chocolate, and if I've been a really good wife, possibly flowers. Now, tell me how February is just as bad as January?

I guess the feeling is worse this year, since at this time in 2010 I was beginning a semester of school. I didn't have time to feel bored or grumpy, as I had too much to focus on. Can someone find me 4 or 5 extra hours in the day so I can go back to school? I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, just waiting for January to be over...sometimes I wish I could hibernate straight through this month.


Carolyn said...

Amen, Rachel. I am totally there with you about winter... Hooray for flowers and chocolate in February!

Steve and Donna said...

sorry- wish you could visit Florida