Tuesday, June 7, 2011

T-Ball & Kickball

Sylvia at her first T-Ball game.

Ben kicking the ball (in the wrong direction) at his first Kickball game.

Ben pitching the ball. This is definitely his favorite position.

This year is Sylvia and Ben's first year playing T-Ball and Kickball on rec teams. Sylvia is loving T-Ball, because Daddy is coaching her team, and her team is made up of mostly girls she already knew from Kindergarten. Nate has been working with her a little bit, and her throwing skills are improving with each game. Ben is too young for T-Ball, so he is playing on a co-ed Kickball team. He's having a great time, and he definitely likes kicking the ball better than chilling out in the outfield. The games are usually played at the same time, so Dad goes to T-Ball, and Mom goes to Kickball. Both kids are playing well and having a great time!

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