Monday, August 22, 2011

First Grade

So much pink!

I love this girl's blue eyes :)

Hello Kitty is a big hit around these parts.

So yeah, school started this morning (for Sylvia, Ben has a few more days until preschool starts up again). I did walk Sylvia into her class just to be sure she made it ok, and I am super stressed that she will be too busy talking to her classmates to actually eat her lunch. I'm sure a few hungry days will solve that problem, though! Today is family day at school, so she brought a family picture to share with the class. Also, since her birthday was yesterday, I sent her with a special birthday treat (fruit roll-ups) to share with the class. She is such a big girl-with her own desk and everything!!!

Also, a big thank you to both sets of grandparents who hooked Sylvia UP with two pairs of the world's coolest shoes. I won't have to worry about footwear until it is time to buy snow boots! A 6 year old can't go wrong with Hello Kitty Vans and Sketchers Twinkle Toes!

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