Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My last Halloween post for sure!  Sylvia and Ben had a really fun holiday weekend.  We carved pumpkins on Friday and Saturday, so Nate had enough time to get the designs just right ;)  Trunk or Treat and the Orme family Halloween party were great this year.  On Monday, Ben and I went over to Sylvia's school to watch her in the Halloween parade outside on the field.  The fifth and sixth graders did the "Thriller" dance for the younger kids and the parents.  It was so cute!  Later that evening, we had a nice family dinner with Grandpa Bill and Grandma Susan.  And Aunt Melissa made things easy on us--she took Ben and Sylvia trick or treating!  I didn't have to cook or even take the kids out this year.  So nice!  The kids really enjoyed themselves, and scored a TON of candy.  Nate and I are attempting to ration it out and make it last as long as possible.  Three pieces a day per kid is enough, right?

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Steve and Donna said...

I love how you can have as many pumpkins as you want (since they are so cheap out west) not the case in Florida- we pay the price :)