Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Henry is 3 Months Old

Henry's first time in the Bumbo seat, he smiled and tolerated it for about 5 minutes, tops.  
Glad I'm just borrowing it from a friend! 

Things that the Henry boy does at 3 months:
  • Gives us hearty belly laughs when tickled
  • Sleeps at night for 6-7 hour stretches (most nights)
  • Loves chewing on his chubby little fingers
  • Reaches for toys placed in front of him
  • Drools like a champ!


Carolyn said...

So cute! That smiling face is like a perfect mix of Ben and Sylvia!

Steve and Donna said...

he is adorable :)

Nikki said...

Love his CHEEKS!!!!!! He is so cute!!!!