Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7 Months Old!

Henry having a great time at the Freedom Festival Parade

King Henry is 7 months old!  (And has been for over 2 weeks, so we're a little late on this post...)

  • Henry is decidedly mobile.  He crawls everywhere, but prefers to pull himself up on furniture and cruise all over the place.
  • STILL doesn't really like baby food.  I got him to eat a jar of apple blueberry baby food yesterday, so I think we're making progress.  The kid loves people food, though!  The other day he ate about half of my Lean Cuisine, which I thought was pretty funny.
  • Puts everything in his mouth.  Everything.
  • Is a very happy little guy.  He is probably my most pleasant baby.  He just doesn't fuss much.
  • Henry still isn't a great sleeper, though.  Which means I am walking around in a fog.  But who's complaining?

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Nikki said...

I MUST squish his cheeks!!!!!!