Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sylvia Has Been Tagged

Name and Meaning: Sylvia Louise Orme. Sylvia is Latin, meaning "of the forest". She is named after Nate's great grandmother Sylvia Goodrich. Louise is German/French, meaning "fame and war". It is my mother's middle name, as well as Nate's grandmother's middle name.

Age: 3

Birthday: August 21, 2005

Nicknames: Sylvie Boo, Sylva-Bling

Favorite Activities: Dancing, puzzles, singing

Least Favorite Foods: She isn't really a meat eater, except for chicken nuggets!

Favorite Music: She loves any Disney song, but she also loves pop music on the radio

Favorite Toys: Dress up clothes, tiaras and wands, general princess fare

What Makes Her Happy: Dance class, watching a Disney Sing-a-Long Song, jumping on the trampoline.

What Makes Her Sad: When mom won't indulge her addiction for milk. This child would drink milk all day long!

I Tag: Anyone who would like to play!

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