Monday, December 1, 2008

Dress up, anyone?

Sylvia cracks me up! I love that a 3 year old thinks that this is acceptable attire in which to run daily errands. Good thing that we're not going anywhere today. Ben just gives her this look, like "you are completely nuts." He refuses to suffer her foolishness.
I apologize about a lack of Thanksgiving pictures. It was a wonderful day. We sat around in our jammies all morning and watched the parade, and then made some delicious cookies and fudge (our contribution to the spread). We spent the day at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Susan's house eating ourselves sick, playing guitar hero, enjoying fine conversation and perusing the Black Friday ads. The most glorious part is that there were enough people present that I didn't really have to look after my own children! Ah, the holidays.

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Nikki said...

WOW.... she is your child!!!!! Let's try hard to get together!!!