Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ben's New Thing

Kind of for a belated Christmas present, Nate bought me the Indiana Jones boxed set. Growing up, these movies were some of my very favorites (especially Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, hence why I chose the photo above...) It is a wonderful gift for a geek like myself.
I was surprised, however, at how much the kids really enjoy the movies right along with Mama and Daddy. The kids have a different favorite than I do, though. They both love Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. When asked, Sylvia always requests "the one where they eat the monkey brains!" Totally gross, but funny nonetheless.
Ben especially has latched on to the Indiana Jones movies. He comes up, and in so many words asks to watch one of the movies. He'll say something like, "show, show, na na na Jones! Pease." He loves Indiana's costume--the whip, jacket, but most importantly the fedora. Whenever he sees someone wearing one on tv or in a picture, he shouts out "Jones!!!!" Very exciting.
Just this morning, Nate and I were awakened to some singing coming from the kids' room. It was Ben, singing his own personal version of the Indiana Jones theme song! This kid is awesome.

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