Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Soccer this Fall has been a lot of fun! Nate is the coach for Sylvia's team, and he's kind of at a loss as to how to coach 4 and 5 year olds who tend to wander aimlessly around on the field. You can't really tell a preschooler to be more aggressive. That's a rather large word! He basically guides them in the direction of the goal, and gives them pep talks when they get knocked down. As we go along, the kids are actually getting the hang of some of the more basic concepts. They are all trying so hard! Sylvia is a little bit of a whiner, so we've had lots of talks about being tough. And Benny just wants to play so badly that we let him out on the field while the team is warming up and during half time. He's the same size as most of the kids on the team-he can't figure out why he doesn't get to play!

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