Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby "Collie"

Last week was "getting to know baby Collin" week. And by pure accident, Collin has come by his nick-name, which will probably be with him for quite a while. Ben started calling Collin "Collie" even before they met. I would show them pictures of him, and my kids went crazy! I want to hold baby Collie! I want to kiss baby Collie! All in good time.
So when Collin arrived, the kids had way too much fun with him. I mean this in the literal sense. When we were making s'mores in the back yard, we turned around to find Ben helpfully "feeding" Collin a giant marshmallow. And by feeding, I mean shoving it into his mouth. Yeah. I'm pretty sure Margaret is relieved to be away from the crazy giant toddlers that love to attack her tiny 10 pound son.

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