Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeding the Ducks, Other Cuteness

For family night, we took the kids to feed the ducks at the ponds by Valtec in West Springville. But, we ended up really feeding the carp. The carp in the ponds are huge, and they steal all the food from the ducks. So funny! Then, we took a scenic drive up Hobble Creek Canyon. We got this cute shot of the kids by a fence by Jolley's Ranch. Maybe we'll try soon to get a family picture up there, when we all look cute.


Nikki said...

Look at you, you cute mama! Miss ya!!! Your kids are adorable! I love feeding the ducks......BTW, I love Syliva's hair-do, that is one of my all time faves to do.

rockfam said...

very cute!! We miss you guys! Tanner and Madelyn like looking at your blog and seeing their "friends" - what they call Sylvia and Ben. :)