Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun with Sparklers (and the Camera)

When you have sparklers in the shed, who can wait until the 4th of July to play with them? We certainly couldn't wait to have some sparkler fun! This year, we decided to experiment with the camera as well. Nate set the camera up on the tripod, and (I think) set it to a long shutter speed. I was surprised at how light these pictures turned out, since it was really nearly dark outside. Anyway, we had lots of fun experimenting, but next time we decide to "paint" with sparklers, we'll wait until it is very dark outside to get a more dramatic effect.


bookette said...

Rachel! long sparkler pics...
(I was reading cJane, and there you were in the comments)
totally going to follow your blog now.
miss you around here
Laurel (HCS)

Nikki said...

Look how creative you are!!!!

You Are My Fave said...

We have boxes of sparklers that we just pull out for fun on random days. Is that legal?