Friday, August 20, 2010

The County Fair

We celebrated Sylvia's last day as a 4 year old by heading to Spanish Fork to go to the Utah County Fair. It was another scorcher today, so we headed inside first to see the animals, which was fun. The kids especially liked the guinea pigs. (They were so cute, I almost decided to become a pet owner!) Then we went on some rides, the usual favorites like the Ferris wheel and the Carousel. Tomorrow is Sylvia's 5th birthday, so these are the very last pictures of her as a 4 year old, captured for posterity. Such a dolly! Despite the heat, we had a very fun time at the fair.


Nikki said...

Remember the one at Murray Park? I remember laying in bed for the entire week listening to the fireworks. Good times!!!!

Steve and Donna said...

I love county fairs too! Of course cooler weather would be nice!