Friday, September 3, 2010

Homemade Doughnuts? Yes Please!

Sylvia rolling the dough

Cooking the first batch

Nom Nom.....

I know that for most people, there are foods that their mother made that were amazing, and evoke fond memories. My mother makes many many wonderful things, and personally, I love her apple pie and homemade doughnuts the very most. The last time she ever made me doughnuts was when I was in high school. I remember she always had three toppings: cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and chocolate buttercream frosting. My mother's doughnuts always turned out perfect-in taste as well as looks.
Sylvia is really getting to the point where she can help in the kitchen without destroying it, so today she helped me make doughnuts. She liked eating them, but I think she had a better time rolling the dough and watching them puff up in the fryer. My favorite part? Dunking the warm doughnuts into the powdered sugar. The sugar will melt just a little on your fingertips, and it is so awesome when you get to lick them.


Margaret said...

I have to admit that mom made me doughnuts while I was pregnant and they were delicious! You're so right about the powdered sugar though, totally the best part :)

Nikki said...

Looks YUMMY!!!!! I will be over for the next batch!