Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yay for Preschool!

This little boy has been so excited to start attending preschool again. When he didn't start on the same day as Sylvia did last week, I could tell he was starting to get a little worried! But of course, his fears were put to rest when he saw the bus waiting at the curb this morning. Some changes from last year:
  • Ben is potty trained. Instead of sending diapers in his backpack, I just sent a spare set of clothes that he can change into if he has an accident.
  • Ben will only be attending school three days a week this year. He has made satisfactory progress over the summer, and the district has decided he needs less specialized help.

This year, Ben has some specific goals, most of them speech-related. He has made amazing strides, but still only speaks and understands language at a level that isn't quite consistent with his age. So, the boy has a set of short term goals that we want to see him meet, and I know that with time (and help), Ben will be able to meet those goals. What I want most for him is to better communicate with his peers, as this is proving difficult in social situations, like Sunbeams. But what Ben needs the most is to continue to learn, grow and be happy. And that is exactly what he is doing!


Margaret said...

I LOVE that little man of yours! He is getting so big and handsome. I miss him so much :(

Nikki said...

Check out that HAPPY face! =)