Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sylvia just before the Halloween Parade at her elementary school

Ben and Grandpa Goodrich playing Crocodile Dentist

Ben & Sylvia with Grandma & Grandpa G

Ben & Sylvia with Papa Tom

Ben with Grandpa Orme

Yeah, I don't remember having such bad weather as we did this Halloween. I have no pictures of Trunk or Treat, because it was pouring rain and then switched to sleet. By the time Trunk or Treat was over, it started to hail! By then, we had already had a full day with Sylvia's piano recital, not to mention we were all feeling under the weather. So, instead of going house to house this year, we went trick or treating to Grandparents houses instead! Also, I think I am allowed to feel bummed for two reasons: one, Sylvia didn't have kindergarten on the day of the Halloween Parade at her school, so she didn't get to really walk around with her class. I just tossed her into the jumble and picked her up at the end. Two, since Halloween fell on a Sunday, and there was no school on Friday, Ben's elementary school didn't even DO a Halloween Parade. What??????? So, yeah, lame. Here's to hoping our Halloween holiday is a little more awesome next year.

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Steve and Donna said...

aww... too bad. Didn't your ward do a party? Your kids are cute no matter what :)