Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kindergarten Fun

The kiddos with Sully
Sully is Sylvia's special Kindergarten Class Friend. Each kid gets to take Sully home for the night, and then they have their parent help write down all of the fun things they did with him. We are so lucky--we get Sully over the entire Thanksgiving break! Sometimes I think that Sylvia may be the teacher's pet.
Another reason for my teacher's pet suspicion-we received a post card in the mail from Mrs. Lowe, Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire. This is what it said:
Dear Sylvia,
I love having you in my Kindergarten class. You are like a wind maiden of happiness. Thank you for being kind to everyone and learning how to treat everyone well. I hope we will always be good friends.
Mrs. Lowe
We think Mrs. Lowe sent this to Sylvia because she is working very hard on keeping her hands and feet to herself. (A difficult feat for her!) Anyway, I really just love Mrs. Lowe. At our last parent-teacher conference, she exclaimed, "Sylvia and I really understand each other." How awesome is that?
(P.S.-Wind Maiden? This week every kid in class received a Native American name. Sylvia is definitely a Wind Maiden of happiness!)


Steve and Donna said...

I like that too- teachers can really turn a child around and sometimes not even know it. :)

Nikki said...

CUTE! We had a teddy bear that came home with the kiddos in kindergarten, and Syd loved having it!

Margaret said...

Wind Maiden is the correct term for Sylvia.... I will now start referring to her as Miss Sylvia the Wind Maiden :)