Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge - Day 1

My friend Nikki has been doing a 30 day blog picture challenge, and she thought I should do it too. Here goes:

A Picture of Myself With 10 Facts

1. I am still getting used to the auburn hair. Quite a change!
2. I never thought I would LOVE being a stay at home mom, but I really do.
3. I can't believe that I produced such beautiful children. To me, they are little baby models.
4. I would rather go to the dentist than clean. I only really clean under pressure...
5. If I had the choice, I would stay in bed all day and read a good book.
6. I will always have a special spot in my heart for the Beatles. Ok, maybe I'm a little obsessed!
7. After my last calling in the Relief Society presidency, I am really enjoying my low stress calling teaching the Sunbeams in Primary. Can you think of any other church calling where you get to eat snacks and sit on the floor? Plus, 3 year olds crack me up :)
8. I am a sucker for cheesy pop music. Give me Katy Perry and Ke$ha any day!
9. I have discovered a love for scrapbooking. It is soothing and I get to do it with great friends.
10. Even though my life isn't perfect, I am surprised how happy I really am. I have a great life.

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