Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kelley's Grove

 Daddy and the kidlets

Something is very interesting right there 

What a cutie! 

Because Ben's a boy, he just HAS to sit in the water...

We love going up Hobble Creek Canyon during the Spring and Summer time to get away from the heat.  Last weekend was a perfect time - it was hot, and the kids needed to get out and run around.  Kelley's Grove is the perfect spot!  It is shallow enough for toddlers to play in, and there is a shady grassy area good for mommies that don't feel like getting wet.  There is even a deer trail close to the water, so sometimes you get up close and personal with Bambi, which can be very exciting. Besides losing Sylvia's flip flop in the water, we had lots of fun :)

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