Monday, May 28, 2012

Sylvia Is Done With 1st Grade!

Sylvia with her 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Bird

Sylvia had her last day of 1st Grade on Friday, and though she was excited, I could tell she was a little bummed that school was over for the Summer.  Sylvia LOVES school!  We have lots of fun activities planned for the Summertime, so I think she will be busy, but she will miss going to school every day.  

Instead of a final report card, Sylvia's teacher sent home a letter.  It was very sweet!  Mrs. Bird said,

"What can I say about Sylvia!  She has been so BIG in our classroom this year!  I have loved having her in my class.  I love it when she figures out how to do things.  The big smile that spreads across her face has been a great reward for me.  Sylvia is very smart.  She can sit and figure things out on her own, and when she gets frustrated she isn't worried about asking how to do something.  Keep doing that, Sylvia!  Always ask questions and wonder about things.  I will miss you next year.  Remember, it doesn't matter what size your body is.  Your personality makes up for everything!  People forget your size if you are big and happy inside." 

Mrs. Bird has been a fun teacher for Sylvia, and it is easy to see that she genuinely cares about her students. 1st Grade has been awesome, and now I think Sylvia is looking forward to a little vacation, and some fun before 2nd Grade begins in the Fall.

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