Friday, April 5, 2013

Henry is 16 Months

This boy is dreamy.

Henry is a hoot.  He is a very needy little guy, and so I spend a good portion of my day snuggling him.  Mom and Henry hang: we read books, sing songs and have one sided chats about our day.  Henry is a sweetheart, but he only has eyes for Mom and Dad.

At 16 Months:
  • He's still nursing...and I don't have the heart to cut that cord yet.
  • He eats well, and will taste most foods. Favorites are oatmeal, bananas and eggs. He won't touch milk, period.
  • Moving to the new house has totally wrecked sleep training. Henry rarely sleeps through the night now. Heaven help us.
  • He is incredibly inquisitive. He loves reading books (and pulling them all off of the shelf), opening cabinet doors (subsequently dumping out the contents of said cabinet onto the floor), and swishing in the toilet.
  • No words besides Mama and Dada, yet.  He basically calls everything Dada.
  • Loves to play outside with this siblings, and dig in the dirt.

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