Monday, April 8, 2013

The Zoo


Spring Break was a nice break from school for my kiddos.  Besides practicing piano and reading, the kids took it easy last week.  We made a library trip, went to the park, played with friends, and went to a movie, but the highlight of Spring Break was going to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake.  We went on the loveliest day (70 degrees and sunny) with our good friends the Taniguchis.  Favorite animal sightings were the Elephants and Rhinos, and Ben really loved seeing a monkey poop in real life.  Seriously, it made his day :) .  Anyway, it was a busy day, since everyone else in Utah also decided to go to the zoo and take advantage of the nice weather, but after going to Disneyland in July last year, this was a piece of cake.  I was sad, because I love the giraffes, and their exhibit was closed.  All in all, the zoo is always a fun place to go.

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