Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Business of Being Born

My friend is 8 weeks pregnant, and I'm so excited for her! Like mine, her first birth was unfortunately an emergency c-section. Due to her (negative) experience, she is exploring her options in order to make her second birth a better birth! I really admire her.
We have a mutual friend who loaned me a great documentary, titled The Business of Being Born. The film discusses the history of Obstetrics in the U.S., and the negative impact that modern medical practices have had on the process of natural childbirth. I had researched a little in the past on the subject of natural/home birth, but the statistics in this film just astounded me. This documentary is definite proof that the system of childbirth in place in the United States is broken.
In a way, I have had the opportunity to experience both sides of the coin. While I haven't experienced home birth (or a birth without the aid of an epidural), I have had a difficult first birth resulting in a c-section, and a second birth that went very well and resulted in a natural delivery. As any mother would tell you, I preferred my second birth! It is so wonderful to know that there are options out there for mothers who want a natural birthing experience in every way. And above everything, education for women regarding their options is crucial.
If you haven't watched this film, you should. I highly recommend it for moms, and moms to be.


shannon said...

I chose to have Wes without pain meds and am glad I did. But I'm also glad I had him in the hospital because my labor/delivery happened to be one of the minority 3% or whatever where some things went wrong with both me and the baby. I couldn't foresee that happening, and I was grateful to have the medical help available as needed. I'd do the natural birth again; but hopefully next time the labor/delivery will fall into the majority where everything's hunky dory and danger-free.

Nancy said...

Love that movie! Well you would have to assume so since i'm the one that let you borrow it :) hahah