Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

Margaret and I took the kidlets to feed the ducks at the pond on BYU campus. My camera skills were terrible, but the babies had a blast! It brought back memories, because our aunties (and sometimes our dad) used to take us to the same spot to feed the ducks when we were little. With my kids there wasn't a lot of time for reflection, though, due to the fact that both Margaret and I were preoccupied with making sure Ben didn't dive in to swim with the ducks! And these ducks are obviously trained, because they just stood at our feet and waited to be fed. I don't remember any ducks quite so "friendly"! It took Ben chasing them and yelling "quack, quack" as loud as he could to get the ducks to scatter.

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Mike and Ashley said...

These are cute pics! And your kids are adorable.