Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Days of Summer

I cannot tell you how happy I am now that summer is pretty much over. I can't contain my excitement! I always have big plans for Fall, like making apple crisp, going to the pumpkin patch, and taking a drive through Provo Canyon to see the season's foliage. What I'm really waiting for is a change in the air. I love the crisp bite in the air that always accompanies the Fall seasons.

Here, some pictures of the kids enjoying the last days of Summer with their Dad.

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Mike and Ashley said...

I love the Fall too. It's fun to feel that crisp coolness when you step outside. I love just about everything about Fall. It's the most romantic time of year, and the colors are fabulous. It'll be nice to see the beauty of a New England fall here. Rach, you know you and your fam are welcome to come out and visit any time. We'll be here for the next 5 years, I bet. We're coming home for this Christmas though, thank goodness.
Love ya, Rach!