Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day was lots of fun. It is always nice to have a holiday that only Utahns get to observe. We celebrated by going bright and early to the Mapleton Days Parade. It was a fun little parade for the kids, with lots of fire trucks, covered wagons, and little ponies. And we're still eating all the candy that was thrown at us! We didn't do much the rest of the day, (my heck, it was a holiday!) but later that evening we did take the kids to see G-Force. Seriously, Ben has never sat through an entire movie before. And this one held his attention for the whole thing! Maybe he's growing up? Nah, probably just the movie. And of course, while walking out, we were asked for the MILLIONTH time if Sylvia and Ben were twins. I always feel the need to explain, "No, they're not. They're 13 months apart. But it feels like I have twins!" Driving home, Nate said that he wants to start wearing a t-shirt whenever we take the kids out in public that says, "No, my children are NOT twins. So, don't ask." All in all, we had a very fun Pioneer Day.

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SuperMama said...

Aren't people intresting? My N-Twins are 12 months a part and people think I'm crazy(which I am). But they always seem to want to mention that, like you weren't there for any part of the process. Oh long as the babes get along and you have fun good enough for me.