Sunday, July 12, 2009

Provo Temple

A while ago, our stake president challenged us to take a family photo in front of the Provo Temple. The Provo Temple is the temple for our district. Today was the perfect day, as we were attending a double mission homecoming at a ward house in Provo. I recently read a post from a favorite blog (cjanerun), and she noted that the Provo Temple, "is a gift from the decade of its conception. Built in the late '60's, the design is symbolic of the 'cloud by day, fire by night' promises made to the children of Israel." It really is a special temple with a very cool, retro design.
It is so easy to discount the Provo Temple, since many of us Utah County dwellers drive by it on a regular basis. But I'll tell you who doesn't take this temple for granted-little Sylvia. As we drive up the hill, her energy builds, and when we reach the bend in the road where we pass the temple, she EXPLODES!! "Mama! Mama! Look, there's the temple! I see it! I'm gonna get married in the temple, huh, mama?! Oh, the angel Moroni is so cute!" I'm not kidding.
Looking at the family picture we took today reminds me of how much I really have. I'm not rich, terribly thin (can you believe my butt in the picture w/Ben above???), and I don't drive a fancy car. But I have a happy marriage, a beautiful family, and a special faith that is precious to me.


Nikki said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Sylvia..... I LOVE IT!!!!! Look at that kids attitude..... reminds me of someone....wink wink!

JoAnn said...

HEY RACHEL!!!! your family is soooo cute!!!! This is JoAnn Toronto!!! My blog is private but if you give me your email I will add you. I love the picture of your family in front of the temple!!! what a great IDEA!!!

JoAnn said...

oh ya my emil wjtoronto (at) msn (dot) com