Monday, April 5, 2010


My mom got four tickets to attend the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference this year. It was so great to actually have her here for Easter to spend time with the kids (we missed you Dad, but only a little bit...) The speakers at Conference were wonderful--my sisters had never attended a session before, so it was a fun experience to go together. It was also fun to see our Aunts Bonnie and Betsy sing in the Tabernacle Choir. Bonnie made a point to text Stephanie just before Conference started to tell her she could see us in our seats, so we blew her kisses. Who can say that they have two Aunts in the MoTab? We would have liked to take more pictures, but we were starving and it was really, really cold. Thanks for taking us, Mom!

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Nikki said...

How fun! What cute pictures!!!! Your family is GORGEOUS!!!!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog! I have always cherished you as a friend. Ever since we were little I have always found a great amount of comfort in our friendship! Love ya!!