Monday, April 5, 2010

We Love Easter

Mom and the kiddies at the Springville High School Easter Egg Hunt

Sylvia can't resist posing for the camera

Cute moms and babies (and a hot grandma)

Sylvia thought reading Collin Peter Rabbit would be seasonally appropriate

Sylvia and Grandma dyeing Easter eggs

Daddy helping Benny with his own Easter egg

Margaret is teasing Collin. How mean!

Un-edited photo with the Easter Bunny
(note to self: get that strange girl out of the background)

Sylvia and Benny with their Easter loot


Nikki said...

LOVE the BIG flower on Sylvia.... every girl should own a BIG flower!!!

Jenny said...

You have adorable children! Your mom looks just like I remember her but your sisters are all grown up! You have a great family. I'm coming to Utah again in May so maybe we can really get together this time. I'll be there for about 2 weeks.