Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Tom and Ben hamming it up for the camera.

Sylvia is wearing the cutest "patriotic" skirt that Grandma Susan made just for her!

Bonnie and Barbara enjoying new baby Isabelle.

Just having fun :)

Cami and Sylvia just being so cute!

Sylvia took this picture! I guess we can add photographer to her long list of talents.

Wow, what a day! Nate went with Aunt Bonnie at 4am to save seats for the family for the Freedom Festival parade. We ate doughnuts, bagels and mint brownies, and sat back and enjoyed the parade in the shade. After the parade, we went to the Thompson family reunion, and ate great food and caught up with relatives. Nate took the kids swimming with the rest of the family, and they had a great time in the water. After that, it was time for a nap! Later, we got special "Liberty" snow cones, and then came home to do some fireworks. We had a very fun, activity-packed day :)

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Steve and Donna said...

we do miss the 4th in Provo :)