Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stadium of Fire

Dad and Ben in matching patriotic shirts :)

Sylvia clapping along to David Archuleta.

Mommy and Sylvia trying to have fun in the heat :(

Glow bracelet time!

The Stadium of Fire is always a ton of fun. In fact, Nate and I are of the opinion that you can't have an Independence Day celebration in Provo without going to the show! Watching the fireworks from somewhere outside the stadium is ok, but it really isn't anything compared with the spectacular show from an awesome seat up close and in person.

This year, the entertainment was a talent competition, David Archuleta, and Brad Paisley. The talent competition was a total joke--the top 3 acts performed in the show, and then the audience was instructed to vote for their favorite via text message. Can you guess what happened? The mass flood of texts broke the system, and so the winner was determined by measuring the screams of the crowd. So, that part was pretty lame.

David Archuleta has a great voice, so he didn't disappoint the audience. His music was ok, but I was glad that he ended his set after about 15 minutes. The big draw was definitely Brad Paisley. He put on an amazing show!!! What I loved was that he did very little talking, and just played lots and lots of great music. He has some serious guitar skills! I knew Brad Paisley was good, but I had no idea he was that good. I've discovered that I like country music in general, but I LOVE Brad Paisley. He is really a great blend of classic country and southern rock.

And of course, the fireworks were AMAZING, as always. I would definitely say they were better than in years past. I like now that the fireworks are just set to great music, and aren't themed, like they tried to do in previous shows.

Ben's favorite part of the Stadium of Fire: "Getting to wear glow bracelets."

Sylvia's favorite part of the Stadium of Fire: "The fireworks that were shaped like hearts, and I really liked the huge ones. When they fell down, I thought they were going to land on me!"

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