Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stone Soup

The kids just recently finished a 2 week theater camp that my Aunt Betsy put on at her home.  The play that the kids performed was Stone Soup, which Betsy wrote - music and all!  Betsy's version of the story was set in the old west, so Ben was a cowboy, and Sylvia was a little western maid.  They were so cute!  Every kid had a line or two to say, and there were several songs for the kids to sing and dance along with.  I helped Betsy by teaching the kids the songs, and I helped a little with other direction as well.  The kids worked very hard for 2 hours each day for about 2 weeks, and the final performance was awesome!  (Except for the ridiculous heat, which was awful.)  This camp, coupled with T-Ball and Coach Pitch, has made June quite a busy month for the kids.  Whoever said Summer vacation was boring?

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