Monday, October 1, 2012

Ben is 6!

The Birthday Boy!    

     Ben turned 6 yesterday! Ben is an awesome kid.  On the flip side, he is also destructo boy.  My guess is that I have a pretty typical little guy on my hands.  
     A few days before his birthday, we were at the grocery store, and Ben asked me to buy him one of those little 5 hour energy shots.  Can you imagine, reader? Can you possibly imagine the most energetic boy on the planet after he has imbibed an energy drink??!!  I shudder at the very thought. 
    Anyway, we got Ben lots of small presents for his birthday, the favorite being his new Bey Blade (a glorified spinning top, and boys "battle" and apparently have a wonderful time).  We ate chocolate cake, ice cream and opened some practical presents from Grandma Susan.  Today, Ben asked us to take him to see The Amazing Spider Man, so that's what we'll be doing for family night.  
     Ben is absolutely crazy, but he is growing up to be so smart, and very funny.  He really is fun to have in our family.  I kind of feel like Benny is the member of our family that adds the color to our lives.  My 6 year old is definitely a special guy.


Carolyn said...

Rachel, you are hilarious. Happy Birthday, Ben!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Tanner is counting the days till he turns 6.