Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Sweet.

A little note from Sylvia's friend, Sophie.

I love that Sylvia is a social butterfly.  She has a lot of great, sweet qualities that I would look for in a friend.  I am not surprised at all at how many little friends she has--she really is one of the nicest and happiest kids that I have ever known.  Boys and girls alike flock to her, and I find it fascinating!  Now, sometimes I have noticed that Sylvia can be a little too nice, and she ends up being a door mat.  That is something I have to keep an eye on, because her feelings can get hurt by kids who are a little blunt, or who have very dominant personalities.  But overall, Sylvia is a child who excels at making and keeping friends.  I love that about her.  Not only does she occasionally bring home notes like this, but she also brings home pictures that her friends have drawn for her, and sometimes they even give her little gifts like necklaces and bracelets.  So so so cute.

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