Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Henry Is One Year Old!

Henry doesn't trust Grandpa Bill at all.

The three crazy kiddos :)

Henry loved his cupcake!

Henry had a birthday yesterday, we celebrated with cupcakes!  We went up to Grandma Susan's house to enjoy our cupcakes and ice cream, and I made everyone wear party hats.  We bought Henry a Fisher Price Chatter Telephone for his special day.  So far, he really likes it!

What Henry's Up To At One Year:
  • He is a screaming machine.  Henry will scream when he's happy, excited, sad or scared.  Sometimes its hard to tell what emotion he's trying to convey.  He screams all the time!
  • Still eating baby food, but we're adding in sippy cups of milk, and lots of other big people food.  Henry especially likes noodles.
  • He's still not sleeping as well as I'd like, but I'm more comfortable letting him cry for a few minutes when he wakes at night.  Usually, the kid cries for only a few minutes, and then he'll go back to sleep. Baby steps, right?
  • Henry's new favorite activity is opening drawers.  I came in the other day to my bedroom, and he had emptied one of Nate's dresser drawers all over the floor.  This means a lot of extra clean up for Mom!
  • We've discovered he really likes Sesame Street - especially Elmo.  This buys me precious time to take a shower :)
  • Still a little baldie in the front, and he's getting more and more handsome every day.  Seriously, this is one cute kid.

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