Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ben's Christmas Program

Ben is playing Jingle Bells here with some of his classmates. 

Ben had the longest speaking parts because he is the 
only child in the class who is a proficient reader. 

Ben REALLY got into the Christmas songs. 
My favorite was I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

A little family picture opportunity.  
Sylvia stayed home sick from school, so she got to come and watch Ben's program.

* Side note--
I asked Ben the other day if he had a girlfriend.  He gave me an exasperated look, and said, "yes."  This surprised me, so I asked him what her name was.  He told me, "Marissa.  She has yellow hair."  I asked him if he has kissed her, and he said, "No, because Marissa doesn't like kisses."  But he has hugged her!  This conversation was hilarious.  If you're wondering which one is Marissa, she is on the front row in the third picture, wearing a white shirt and denim skirt.  Too cute!

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