Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Instagram Christmas Pics

Christmas Fun!

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should.  Although, honestly I post most of my Instagram pics to Facebook, so whatever.  We have captured some fun Christmas pics via the iPad camera (because it's quick, and it's handy), and these are just a few:

Henry's candy cane face
Henry at the Christmas tree
Ben with our awesome gingerbread house
My cute Christmas tree skirt
The cuties eating cuties watching Christmas Oranges
Sylvia with the coolest thing EVER--
the Lego Advent Calendar from Grandpa Benny

Oh, Christmas, how I love you.  I didn't think Christmas could become more magical, and then I had children.  They have made the Christmas season even more meaningful for me.  I love these kiddos!


rockfam said...

What is the movie Christmas Oranges? I know the boys will go crazy over that Lego christmas calendar. Too Cool!

Rachel said...

Kathryn, Christmas Oranges is a movie that is LDS-produced. (You can buy it out here at Deseret Book.)Here is a link:

A Christmas angel left it on my front porch the other night. My kids really liked it!