Monday, June 10, 2013

Aunt Janie's Funeral

Nathan and me at Janie's grave site. 

An awesome "Y" for the lady who dedicated her life to BYU. 

The pallbearers carrying Janie's casket. 

Janie's beautiful pink casket. 

Great Uncle Sam dedicated Janie's grave. 

Henry really enjoyed the luncheon after the service.

Aunt Janie's funeral service was lovely.  We attended her viewing on Friday evening, which was nice because it wasn't packed with family, and I got a chance to see her without a lot of interruptions.  BYU brought down her portrait for the viewing, and it was neat to see so many beautiful displays of pictures of Janie's adventures from her life.  Saturday morning, we attended the funeral service, which was packed with family, friends, and Janie's former BYU students.  The speakers were wonderful, the music was spiritual, and there was just a nice feeling of love that permeated the room.  The family attended the grave site service, where Uncle Sam dedicated Janie's grave.  We sang hymns, and it felt like a wonderful celebration.  After that, we went to a family luncheon, where we ate, talked, laughed and had lots of fun with cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was long, lovely day dedicated to the memory of dear, sweet Aunt Janie.

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