Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ben is Officially 3

Ben has left the terrible two's behind, and officially embraced the even more terrible three's!!!! (There aren't any other synonyms of bad that I could find that started with the letter T, so we'll stick with terrible.) We invited the kids over for a wild rumpus in the back yard, and we had a really good time! Ben received lots of great gifts, and we want to say thanks to all the friends and family that were so generous. Ben is such a big boy now, and he's so sweet. He really has a tender heart, even though he's a bruiser! We're excited to see what this next year brings for him.

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Carolyn said...

Rachel, your children are so cute!!! And you're so good at taking cute pictures of them! I love the one with just the two of them in their crowns.