Sunday, October 4, 2009

1st Day of Preschool

Ben started his special Preschool on his birthday, which was this last Wednesday. He loves getting picked up by the bus each day. He runs as fast as he can to the bus aide, and usually doesn't even wave goodbye! He goes for two and a half hours each day, and he comes home completely exhausted. He has so much fun! I don't know if it is coincidence or not, but I swear his speech has improved immensely in just this short time at preschool. On Saturday, he sang entire verses of "The Wheels on the Bus." That is incredible for him! I love seeing him grow and learn so much.


Anonymous said...

That's mso great that he gets to go to preschool. Tanner would absolutely die if he knew. Once he potty trained he told me he had to go to preschool. Unfortunately I already had Madelyn signed up and it is way to expensive to pay for two kids at once. good thing they aren't twins :)

Nancy said...

OH my gosh he is so adorable! Can't believe you survive your baby leaving on a bus 4 days a week. You're the woman!! :)