Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oooh, Kitties!

The other day, Ben escaped into the back yard and I ran out to catch him before he destroyed the neighbor's garden. We were making our way back to the house when we heard the faint tinkling of a bell. We went to investigate, and we found two little kittens under the bushes beneath the kids' bedroom window. One (in the pics) was orange with a fluffy white belly, and the other was dark gray with little brown patches. They were so cute! When Nate saw them, the first thing he did was get them a bowl of water and a few cans of tuna (why did I not think of that? I've never had pets, I'm seriously pet retarded.) I was worried, because I can barely take care of my little family without losing my mind, let alone two kittens. I knew the kids would want to keep them, and Nate was all for it, too! Luckily for me, before the day was out the owner of the kittens came looking for them. And I don't have to worry about buying cat food any time soon.

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Nikki said...

Cat's are sweet but, I don't think I would EVER get one again! Cute pictures though! :)